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Annual Elections

Hello Parents-


Lynnfield Little League will be holding it's annual elections on Thursday October 16, 2014 from 7:30-8:30 in the Board of Selectmen's room at town hall.  If you are interested in helping to shape the league and want to join the board, please join us on October 16, 2014


Nick Marano

Lynnfield Little League

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Lynnfield Little League Pitching & Fielding Clinics
Hello Parents- Lynnfield Little League is proud to announce that...
Division of Play
On December 17, 2013, Lynnfield Little League Board of Directors...
Pitching/Fielding/Hitting Clinics
Lynnfield Little League has some exciting new about upcoming Pitching,...
There has been some confusion over the years as to what Lynnfield...
Successful Registration
THANK YOU!   Hello Parents- Wanted to reach out real quick...
Welcome To Lynnfield Little League
Hello Parents-   Lynnfield Little League held the annual Board...
Lynnfield Little League Mission Statement
  Lynnfield Little League Mission Statement Mission Statement...
Lynnfield Little League Pitching & Fielding Clinics

Hello Parents-

Lynnfield Little League is proud to announce that the Lynnfield High School Athletic Department has approved the dates for our first in-house session of both pitching and fielding clinics in the High School Gym.

The dates for the clinic will be:

  • 1/12/2014

  • 1/19/2014

  • 1/26/2014

  • 2/2/2014

  • 2/23/2014


Times for each clinic:

  • Fielding Clinic- 2:00-3:20

  • Pitching Clinic- 3:30-4:50


Cost for each clinic:

  • Fielding Clinic- $30.00

  • Pitching Clinic- $30.00

  • If you register for both Clinics- $50.00


Please note: You MUST be registered for the 2014 Baseball Season and the player’s league age MUST be 9-12.  League age is defined as the child’s age on April 30, 2014.  No Exceptions!!  If you would like to verify your child’s league age, please visit

All Fees must be paid at the start of the clinic.  Players who have not paid will NOT be allowed to participate in these clinics.

Clinics will be limited to 25 kids per clinic (25 for Pitching & 25 for Fielding).  Once we reach the limit of 25 participants, we will create a waiting list.  If a player drops out, the first person on the wait list will be given the opportunity to join.  If the Clinic is a success, those that are on the wait list will have priority for the second session of clinics if Lynnfield Little League runs a second one.

Registration for both clinics will be done through email and will open on Tuesday December 31, 2013 at 9AM.  Any emails received prior to 9AM will NOT be valid for registration.  Please follow the registration details below.

  1. On Tuesday December 31, 2013 at 9AM or later, please send an email to

  2. In the Subject Line please write one of the following:

    1. Pitching Clinic

    2. Fielding Clinic

    3. Both Clinics

  3. In the email, kindly let us know the child’s name and date of birth.

  4. I will send out a confirmation email to let you know if you are one of the 25 player’s registered or if your child will be put on the wait list.

  5. On January 12, 2014 please arrive 15 minutes early with cash or a check/money order made out to Lynnfield Little League in the amount of the clinic.  Either $30.00 for one clinic or $50.00 for both clinics.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Nick Marano
Lynnfield Little League

by posted 12/27/2013
Division of Play
On December 17, 2013, Lynnfield Little League Board of Directors approved the following age based division of play.  Lynnfield Little League will no longer be using the grade based system as a local rule, but instead using a modified version of Little League International's age based rule for division of play.
League Age is defined by April 30th of the upcoming season.
League Age Division
5-6 Year-Old Tee-Ball League
7-8 Year-Old Pony League
8-9 Year-Old Farm League
9-11 Year-Old Minor League
10-12 Year-Old Major League
13-14 Year-Old Senior League
15-16 Year-Old Big Diamond
Please note: Although you may see an overlap of ages in different divisions, your child will be placed in the appropriate division decided by the Board of Directors and Coaches based on the child's ability to play within that division.

In order to create parity in the team selection process, all players MUST attend tryouts for evaluation purposes.

I will attempt to describe the process here.
  • Big Diamond Division will hold their player selection process.  All 15 & 16 Year old players will be placed in Big Diamond Division.
  • Senior League Division will hold their player seletion process.  All 13 & 14 Year old players will be placed in the Senior League Division.
  • Major League Division will hold their player selection process.  At this draft, all 12 year olds will automatically make the Major League as this is a rule from Little League International.  The Managers will then fill out their rosters with any 10 or 11 year old that they select.  **Please note that any player who played in the Majors last season will automaticallly be placed in the Majors for the upcoming season.  Once this draft is completed......
  • .....The Minor League Division will hold their player selection process.  Any 10 & 11 year old that did not get selected for the Majors will automatically be selected to a team in the Minor League through a player selection process.  Any 9 year old that is capable of playing in the Minors will be selected to round out the rosters spots. (Let's say the League needs 66 kids in order to have 6 teams of 11 players per team.  Let's also assume there are only 63 players who are league age 10 & 11.  This means the Minor League Division needs 3 more players to get to 66 kids.  Provided that the Board of Directors and Coaches feel as though three 9-year old players are capable of playing in the minors, then those three kids would be selected to a Minor League Team to fill out the roster spots.  If the Board of Directors and Coaches do not feel as though there are enough qualified 9-year olds to bring into the Minor's, then they will not be selected for the Minor League Division.) Once this draft is completed......
  • ......The Farm League Division will hold their player selection process.  Any 9 year old that did not make the Minor League Division, will automatically be placed in the Farm League Division.  Any 8 year old that that is capable of playing in the Farm League will be selected to round out the rosters spots as described in the Minor League section.  Once this draft is completed.....
  • .....The Pony League Division will hold their player selection process.  Any 8 year old that did not make the Farm League Division will automatically be placed in the Pony League Division along with all league age 7-Year Olds.
  • Tee Ball Division will hold their player selection process.  All league age 5 & 6 year old players will be placed into the Tee Ball Division.

Nick Marano
Lynnfield Little League

by nickmarano posted 12/18/2013
Pitching/Fielding/Hitting Clinics

Lynnfield Little League has some exciting new about upcoming Pitching, Hitting and Fielding Clincs that we wanted to share with you!

Lynnfield Little League will be holding our own in-house pitching clinic at Lynnfield High School with Former Bentley College Pitcher and Olympic Team Invitee, Jim Delaney along with former FSU/Salem State pitcher Jaime Ford and members of the Lynnfield Little League Board of Directors starting Sunday, January 2014.  Special guests include current Dodger’s Minor League Prospect, Michael Johnson, who currently pitches for the Ogden Raptors. Michael Johnson is the cousin of Rob Higdon who is a member of the board of directors, and was a standout pitcher for Dartmouth College.

Players will be broken down into small groups and will learn the proper mechanics of pitching. This will include strengthening a player’s arm, footwork, balance point, landing points, follow through, arm-angle and proper fielding of the position.

As part of Lynnfield Little League’s ongoing effort to teach the game of baseball, we will also be holding our own in-house fielding clinic at Lynnfield High School with a group of coaches within our program.  

The focus of these fielding clinics will be on the fundamentals of the game of baseball and improvement in your child’s fielding mechanics.  Here your child will learn how to properly field a ground ball and transfer for a strong throw.  They will learn about footwork, and how to properly position themselves on the field, along with how to properly receive the ball at a base.  They will learn how to track a pop up and they will be taught different baseball situations.


As this is the first time that Lynnfield Little League is offering an in-house clinic, we are still working out the details and will share them as soon as we have finalized them. Tentative dates for these two in-house clinics will be January 12, 19, 26, February 2, and 23.  If all goes well, we will offer another 5 week clinic for the end of February and through March of 2014.  We are also still working out the cost of the clinics but trying to keep both of these Lynnfield Little League sponsored clinics under $50.00 per player.

At one of the above clinics, Lynn English High School Baseball Coach Joe Raffa will be on hand to assist.  Joe was a hard-nosed power hitting catcher drafted by the Brewers during the 1994 strike season.  This led to an invite to the 1996 Olympic Baseball Team.  He was elected to the North Shore Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007


The following clinics listed below are NOT Lynnfield Little League sponsored clinics, but clinics that both Extra Innings in Middleton and Pete Scoteropolous of Route 1 Sports Plex are offering at reduced group rates to Lynnfield Little League Players.

Extra Innings Middleton is offering a Winter Holiday Clinic during Christmas Break.

Dana D'Agostino has kindly offered the player's rate for his Winter Holiday Clinic for Lynnfield Little League players. Use the following link to register:

Once on the site, use Lynnfield for the discount code and select the $79.00 payment option.

Extra Innings Middleton is offering winter hitting clinics to help fine-tune your hitting skills. Starting Sunday January 5, 2014!

Hitting instructors at Extra Innings work with players to improve their hitting mechanics. Extra Innings instructors teach the finer points of hitting and players practice them through drills that cover balance, stance, approach, point of contact and follow through.

Extra Innings is offering two hitting clinic opportunities on Sundays starting January 5th and running for 8 weeks.  The groups will be organized into two groups:

4pm-5pm for ages 7-9

5pm-6pm for ages 10-12.

Cost Per Player: $110

Participation is limited to assure quality instruction, so register today!

Please contact Dana D'Agostino at  or 978-762-0668 to secure your registration.

Pete Scoteropolous is offering winter pitching clinics to help fine-tune your pitching skills. Starting Saturday February, 2014!

Pete Scoteropolous is a former 2003 draft pick of the St. Louis Cardinals and pitched for Greece in the 2004 Olympics.


Date for Pete’s Clinic are February 1, 8th, 15th, March 1st, 8th, and 15th


The groups will be organized into two groups of 8 kids from 1:30-2:30pm and 2:30pm-3:30pm.  Pete will decide how the groups are split up based on the number of kids who register.

Cost Per Player: $150.00

Participation is limited to assure quality instruction, so register today!

Please contact Pete Scoteropolous directly at or 978.884.5926  to secure your registration.

by posted 12/12/2013
There has been some confusion over the years as to what Lynnfield Little League offers for baseball players as they mature into the middle school and High School.  We wanted to take this opportunity to outline Lynnfield Little League’s vision for the Big Diamond Division and exciting structure heading into the 2014 season.  Robert Look, David Marengi, and David D'Amico have stepped up and agreed to be the Big Diamond Co-Directors!  Big Thanks to the three of you for stepping up!
Lynnfield Little League’s mission for the Big Diamond Division is to provide a competitive brand of baseball for all children of Lynnfield from the ages of 13-16 years of age.   The age groups within Lynnfield Little League are organized into divisions:  Tee Ball, Pony League, Farm League, Minor leagues, Major Leagues, and Big Diamond (13-16).

Big Diamond Baseball is called “big diamond” as the children mature onto the larger baseball field from the smaller major league field (Newhall Field).  Last year was the start of Big Diamond Baseball and going forward, it will receive the same attention and goals as does every other league in our program.  There is no difference in vision or goals other than age and we are striving to make the Big Diamond Division as robust of a brand of baseball as possible.  We want to provide baseball options in Lynnfield for this age group that rival neighboring town leagues.

We are reviving Big Diamond Baseball and we have some very exciting news to share for the 2014 Season.   There are many advantages of Lynnfield Little League Big Diamond Division: Lower costs, more flexible schedules, competitive structure and a community comradery not otherwise available.  We recognize the past may not have been as robust for this age group as we had all hoped, but we began to change that last year by combining Lynnfield Little League’s Big Diamond Division into a tri-town league with North Reading and Wilmington.  The upcoming 2014 league structure has much more to offer!

2014 League Structure
Lynnfield Little League will again be participating in a multi-town league building on the successes of 2013.  This year, however, we will be joining with four other towns to create a 5 town league:  Lynnfield, North Reading, Wilmington, Woburn and Stoneham.  These towns share our passion for baseball, enthusiasm towards creating a league that is second to none and plans are already under-way to make 2014 a great season.  The following are the early details of our likely structure and some details are still subject to change:

5 Town League with ages from 13-16
Two age divisions
  • ?Junior Division 13 & 14  
  • Senior Division 15 & 16
Junior League Structure  - approximate 24 total teams
Two Divisions:
  • North Division: Lynnfield, Wilmington & North Reading
  • South Division: Woburn & Stoneham
Senior League Structure – approximately 8-12 total teams.
  • One Division consisting of approximately 8-12 teams.

Regular Season
There will be approximately 24 total teams in the junior Leagues spread across the two divisions and there will likely be just one division for the senior league.  Teams will play 16 games within the regular season.  Games will mostly be during the week with some games on the weekends.  Woburn has a field with lights so we will have the opportunity to play some night games under the lights which the kids always enjoy.

Junior League – Teams will begin the playoffs within their own division.  The winner of the North Division will face the winner of the South Division in the Jr. League Championships
Senior League – Teams will stay within just one division and will have a robust playoff that may consist of single or double elimination to determine the league championship.
All Teams will make the playoffs and once in the playoffs the teams and drive to win will be very competitive.  This structure not only allows for inner town rivalries but also the pride of playing for your town against 4 other well run baseball communities.  The kids will get the chance to represent their town and fight for the championship.   Lynnfield Little League’s pride will sure to be on display and the competitive spirit from the other towns is very high.
All Star Game
There are early discussions of an all-star game in the middle of the season similar to a MLB all-star game format.  This is not yet finalized but it is a possibility.

Memorial Day Woburn Tournament
This is an early season tournament in Woburn that consists of not only the above 5 towns but likely another 5-6 communities.  This is a great early season way to get the kids into a fun and competitive tournament format environment to encourage competitive baseball.  Woburn runs the tournament and it is well structured.
Big Diamond Baseball is back in Lynnfield and we want as many kids to sign up as possible to create the most robust experience possible.  Consider Lynnfield Little League Big Diamond Baseball as your first option this spring. 

Sign up today!

You can download player registration forms from Once on the site, please click on “documents & forms” and 2014 Registration Information.  Once filled out, please contact Nick Marano at

Thank you,

Lynnfield Little League 
by posted 11/27/2013
Successful Registration
Hello Parents-

Wanted to reach out real quick and say thank you for making the in-person registration a HUGE success!  Yes we had a couple of minor hiccups and some had to wait an extra 10 minutes and we truly appreciate your patience.  Remember folks, the guys on the board are parents just like you and Little League isn't our full-time job although at times it seems like it is.  

We had over 75% of the kids/parents come down and register over the last two days.  This is a tremendous help for the league as it gives us great numbers to plan out the upcoming season.  More importantly it saved your kid's baseball program $2600.00 in on-line transaction fees.  The $2600.00 savings will go directly back into your child's baseball program.  During the season, we will update you on exactly where the league will allocate the $2600.00 that you helped us save.  We want to thank you all for coming out to get your child registered and meeting all the guys on the board.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Nick Marano
?Lynnfield Little League


by posted 11/21/2013
Welcome To Lynnfield Little League
Hello Parents-
Lynnfield Little League held the annual Board of Director’s election on September 18, 2013.  At the election, 22 members were elected to participate on the 2014 board of directors.  My name is Nick Marano and I was elected President for the upcoming season.  I wanted to send out a quick note simply to introduce myself to those that do not know me.
I’d like to thank Mike Bolger for all of his hard work over the last year!  Mike is a great baseball mind and I look forward to continue to pick his brain about moving the league forward!
I’ve been involved in Little League for over 20 years and have seen the good and bad with many leagues.   This upcoming season, I am hoping to get the community much more involved with the program.  When I was a kid…(yes this is one of those when I was a kid speech), Little League was always about community involvement.  Whenever we needed a group of parents to come down and rake a field, or put up a fence, or pick up uniforms, or work the concession, or any number of other tasks that are required to run a successful program, we could always count on a large number of parents to show up and help out.  Over the past two seasons that I’ve been involved in Lynnfield Little League, I’ve witnessed a group of 7 or so parents out of 400 kids in our program trying to do everything that is needed.  This is far too difficult for a small group of people to maintain.   I would like to commend those who have gone far and beyond what is expected to continue to keep the league functional.  This year I am really hoping to reestablish the sense of community between Lynnfield Little League and you the parents!  The program is established for your children and in order to be successful we are going to need you to step up and help out!
The board of directors will be meeting throughout the next 6 months in order to get ready for the 2014 season.   There are many items on the list of things to do for the league and we will tackle as many as we can to continue to move the league forward.  My goals for the upcoming season are going to be focused on teaching the kids the fundamentals of baseball from Tee Ball right through the Big Diamond division, along with giving the coaches the proper tools and skills to successfully get the players through a fun and enjoyable season.  In order to do this, we will need to do a better job at training the coaches and we also need fields that are safe for our kids to play on.
Fundraising and field improvements go hand and hand.  Without fundraising, we won’t have the necessary funds for uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, and training programs for players and coaches.  Both front and back fields at Newhall along with Glen Meadow need some major upgrades (field conditions, dug outs, fencing etc.) in order to bring our fields up to the standards of so many other Little League Organizations in our district.  The only way we will be able to accomplish any of these improvements is to get the community involved.  One of the biggest expenses to the league that many of you are not aware of is having the grass cut at all three fields during the season.  Lynnfield Little League paid $15,000.00 last season for mowing services at all three fields.  This is one of the many expenses that are involved in running the league.  The 2014 fundraising committee is already working on different ideas to help Lynnfield Little League generate funds for another successful season.   
I started this email by talking about a sense of community.  As the board of directors begin to identifying areas that need to be improved, I will start asking you for help.  I know we have many carpenters, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, masons, etc. in our community and hopefully when called upon, you will be willing to help the league. 
Please know that we plan on making mistakes for the upcoming season- they’re bound to happen….we’re human…but as a board we will learn and better the league from the mistakes we do make!
Thank you for taking a few minutes to read through this.  I look forward to meeting many of you at the fields during the upcoming season!  Lynnfield Little League is always looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in helping the league in any way, please let me know. 
Thank you,
Nick Marano
Lynnfield Little League

2014 Lynnfield Little League Board Of Directors
Nick Marano- President
Dave Calvani- Vice President
Mike Juliano- Treasurer
Tom Pascuccio- Secretary
Bob Tashjian- Player Agent
Jeff Mullin- Coaching Director
Glenn Grabau- Safety Director
Walter Radulski- Tee- Ball Director
Massimo Zanella- Pony League Director
Brian Caufield- Farm Director
Mike Juliano- Minor League Director
Tony Martinho- Major League Director
David D'Amico, David Marengi Big Diamond Co-Director
Bob Relihan- Fundraising Committee
Tom Buston- Fundraising Committee
Rob Gizmunt- Equipment Manager
Alan Sloan- Board Member
James Delaney- Board Member
Jaime Ford- Board Member
Tony Gesamondo- Board Member
Matt Giamarco- Board Member
Bob Clattenburg- Board Member
Robert Higdon- Board Member
Brian O’Connor- Board Member
Field Committee (Vacant)
Field Committee (Vacant)

by posted 10/16/2013
Lynnfield Little League Mission Statement
Lynnfield Little League Mission Statement

Mission Statement
To use the sport of baseball to help all the young players develop positive character traits and values that will aid success in the rest of their lives. Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.
Pledge beyond our mission
Lynnfield Little League aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience, in which every athlete: 

• Is coached using the 3 principles of Little League's Double-Goal Coach model: 
  1. Redefining ‘winner’ 
  2. Filling emotional tanks 
  3. Honoring the game
      (These principles are explained in the "Hey Coach" section,  click the tab).

• Has fun playing the game. 

• Feels like an important part of the team regardless of performance. 

• Learns "life lessons" that have value beyond the playing field.

• Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the game and improves as a player.

Lynnfield Little League recognizes coaches most directly make this possible, so they will be provided with the tools to succeed as Little League Double-Goal Coaches. We are committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes work together to achieve this goal.

"Associate with those who help you believe in yourself.
~ Brooks Robinson

Founded in 1939; granted Federal Charter July 16, 1964, by unanimous act of the Senate and House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson as Public Law 88-378, 88th Congress H.R. 9234, and amended December 26, 1974, Public Law 93-551, 93rd Congress, H.R. 8864. Little League is tax exempt.


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