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All, We have a league challenge! To get everyone on our Twitter and...
REMINDER: Summer Baseball Player and Coach registration now open
Parents,   Hard to think of summer but beleive it or not...
  Lynnfield Baseball uses a modified version of Little...
  Lynnfield Baseball League Mission Statement Mission...
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All, We have a league challenge! To get everyone on our Twitter and Instagram feed. Please follow us at the following by clicking below:






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by posted 05/20/2019
REMINDER: Summer Baseball Player and Coach registration now open



Hard to think of summer but beleive it or not but our Spring Season is already half over. 


Please take our survery as it will close on May 31 and we need to know who is around and interested in playing summer baseball (This includes little league and Big Diamond Players).  This will allow us to determine how many teams we can put together this summer.


Lynnfield Little League will be entering teams into several summer tournaments this year.  The league is trying to be proactive to see how many players will be available for summer baseball.  We ask each player who is INTERESTED in playing over the summer to go through this registration process and answer a few simple questions so that we can determine your player’s interest and commitment.  Please note that the league will only be supporting the tournaments listed in this survey.  Any other tournaments players wish to play in will not be supported by Lynnfield Little League and will be setup at the discretion of independent managers/coaches.  CLICK HERE TO START SURVEY.  Please complete it ASAP.


Please note this DOES NOT mean your child has made or will make any of the summer teams.  As per league rules players who make the district teams players will be nominated by the manager and then voted on by the collective managers within their division and finalized by a subcommittee of the board.  More information on the selection process can be found within the Lynnfield Little League local rules. We will also attempt to offer non district team baseball opportunities but only if we have enough interest and and most importantly VOLUNTEERS to manage those teams.  Without enough volunteers we will not be able to offer baseball this summer to everyone so please register to manage and coach by clicking HERE.


This survey will simply help the league in determining which players will commit to playing summer baseball.  Please note some of the items related to these teams:


·         If your child is voted onto the district team it must be a #1 priority for them. 100% attendance for all team practices and games is mandatory. Please understand is event is potentially a two game (double elimination tournamnet) and having all the players selected at these games is important as missing can cause planning and strategy problems for the managers of these teams.  So if you have summer plans and will be missing games/practices the board will remove your child from the team and award this spot to another player.  


·         Also, please note the rules for districts allow that if a team has 13 players or more, players are only required to get 1 at bat and do not have to play the field, unlike our local rules during the season where a player needs to play a minimum 4 innings in the field.  Again understand this is a managing decision on playing time in order to put the team in the best place to win and move on in this tournament.  However, this team will also participate in other summer baseball where playing time will be distrubted differently.


·         Non District teams will have a more flexible schedule to work with each individual manager to determine coverage for the team.


Thank you for your time in completing this survey process and we look forward to offering more baseball to our players this summer.



by posted 05/14/2018

Image result for 20198 little league age chart

by posted 10/01/2017


Lynnfield Baseball uses a modified version of Little League International's age based rule for division of play for the spring season. The age based division of play will incorporate the Little League International age chart.  (See Little League International Age Chart in the Document Section on the website or on the Main Page)

League Age for the upcoming season:

League Age


4-6 Year-Old


6-8 Year-Old*

Single A

8-9 Year-Old

Double A

9-11 Year-Old

Triple A

10-12 Year-Old

Major League

13-14 Year-Old

Big Diamond

15-16 Year-Old

Sr. Big Diamond

Please note: Although you may see an overlap of ages in different divisions, your child will be placed in the appropriate division decided by the Board and Managers based on the child's ability to play within that division.

In order to create parity in the team selection process, all players League Age 8 thru 12 (excluding those who played in the Major Division the prior year as they will automatically be placed in Majors again) must attend a tryout. Failure to attend a tryout will result in the player being placed in lowest Division based on their league age in which they are eligible.


  • Sr. Big Diamond Division will hold their player selection process.  All 15 & 16 Year old players will be placed in Big Diamond Division.


  • Big Diamond Division will hold their player selection process.  All 13 & 14 Year old players will be placed in the Senior League Division.


  • Major League Division will hold their player selection process.  At this draft, all League Age 12 year olds will automatically make the Major League as this is a rule from Little League International, which Lynnfield Baseball operates under for its spring season.  The managers will then fill out their rosters with any league age 11 or 10 year olds that they select.  Once the Major draft is completed......


  • .....The Triple A Division will hold their player selection process.  Any league age 11 & 10 year old that did not get selected for the Majors will automatically be selected to a team in the Triple A division through a player selection process.  Any 9 year old that is capable of playing in Triple A will be selected to round out the rosters spots. (Let's say Triple A needs 72 players in order to have 6 teams of 12 per team.  Let's also assume there are only 65 who are league age 11 & 10.  This means the Triple A Division needs 7 more players to get to 72.  Provided that the Board and managers feel as though seven 9-year old players are capable of playing in Triple A, then those seven kids would be selected to a Triple A teams to fill out the roster spots).  Once this draft is completed......


  • ......The Double A Division will hold their player selection process.  Any league age 9 year old that did not make the Triple A Division, will automatically be placed in the Double A Division.  Any league age 8 year old that that is capable of playing in the Double A will be selected to round out the rosters spots as described in the Triple A section.  Once this draft is completed.....


  • .....The Single A Division will hold their player selection process.  Any league age 8 year old that did not make the Double A Division will automatically be placed in the Single A Division along with all league age 7 year olds.  League Age 6 can play in this division as long as they have played one year of Tee Ball


  • .....Tee Ball Division will hold their player selection process.  All league age 4 - 6 year old players will be placed into the Tee Ball Division.

If you have any questions on this process please email lynnfieldlittleleague@yahoo.com.




by posted 11/04/2015
Lynnfield Baseball League Mission Statement

Mission Statement
To use the sport of baseball to help all the young players develop positive character traits and values that will aid success in the rest of their lives. Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Lynnfield Baseball League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Lynnfield  Baseball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.
Pledge beyond our mission
Lynnfield Baseball League aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience, in which every athlete: 

• Is coached using the 3 principles of a Double-Goal Coached model: 
  1. Redefining ‘winner’ 
  2. Filling emotional tanks 
  3. Honoring the game
      (These principles are explained in the "Hey Coach" section,  click the tab).

• Has fun playing the game. 

• Feels like an important part of the team regardless of performance. 

• Learns "life lessons" that have value beyond the playing field.

• Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the game and improves as a player.

Lynnfield Baseball League recognizes coaches most directly make this possible, so they will be provided with the tools to succeed as Double-Goaled Coaches. We are committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes work together to achieve this goal.

"Associate with those who help you believe in yourself.
~ Brooks Robinson

posted 08/28/2011
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